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BISS in CSCA National Specialty
1978 Ch. Satellites Senator
1979 Ch. Lucabuc’s Popacork
1980 Ch. Cypress Woods Encore
1981 Ch. Sandiams Virginia Gentleman
1982 Ch. Cypress Woods Genuine Risk
1983 Am. Can. Ch. Cypress Woods Seabiscuit
1984 Ch. Canterbury’s Churchill
1985 Ch. Canterbury’s Churchill
1986 Am/Can/Eng Ch. Raycroft Sheriff
1987 Ch. Cypress Woods Chardoney
1988 Ch. Welladays Viking
1989 Ch. Cypress Woods Chardoney
1990 Ch. Cypress Woods Gulliver
1991 Ch. Companionway’s Wild As The Wind
1992 Ch. Smoke Rise Country Gentleman
1993 Am/Can Ch. Raycroft Springsteen, TD
1994 Ch. Clussexx Bubblelicious
1995 Ch. Clussexx Country Sunrise
1996 Ch. Stanwicks Wall Street Baron
1997 Am/Can Ch. Raycroft Springsteen TD
1998 Clussexx Rhinestone Sparkle
1999 Ch. Clussexx Billy Goat’s Gruff
2000 Ch. Clussexx Billy Goat’s Gruff
2001 Ch. Clussexx Billy Goat’s Gruff
2002 Ch. Wild Cherry’s Glacier Mint TD
2003 Ch. Bella Vita The Full Monty
2004 Ch. Clussexx Heir Apparent
2005 Ch. Vishnu Quijote Del Cipres
2006 Ch. Monarch Standndelivr Invergrdn
2007 Ch. Wild Cherry’s King of Hearts
2008 Ch. Monarch Standndelivr Invergrdn
2009 Ch. Moonrysn’s Moon Dawg
2010 Ch. Nexus Dark Horse
2011 GCh. Cajun's A Change Is Gonna Come
2012 GCh. Nexus Total Eclipse
2013 GCh. Clussexx Collaboration with Traddles
2014 GCh. Shoguns Coded in Cobol
2015 GCH Chiffon Abbey Road
2016 CH Clussexx Call Me Maybe
2017 GCH Beachwalk Knickers in a Twist

Five Clumbers have won more than once. Ch. Clussexx Billy Goat's Gruff has won three times; Ch. Canterbury's Churchill, Ch. Cypress Woods Chardoney, Ch. Monarch Standndelivr Invergrdn, and Am/Can Ch. Raycroft Springsteen TD have each won twice.