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General Guidelines for Breeders

  1. The seller should provide an adequate written contract that includes proof of sale and any guarantees. Any promises made orally should be memorialized and fully explained.
  2. Upon releasing the puppy, the breeder should:
    1. Supply a pedigree of no fewer than four generations.
    2. Provide written information on the care of the puppy including food and supplements, feedings, exercise, required vaccinations, etc.
    3. Supply records that detail all dates and types of medical care given to the puppy, including all vaccinations. Any known health problems of the puppy or its parents should be disclosed to the buyer without having to be requested. Any genetic disease, regardless of how minor, for which the puppy is a known or suspected carrier should be disclosed to the buyer.
    4. Request that buyer take the puppy to a veterinarian upon receipt, and if the puppy is deemed unhealthy or if the buyer is not satisfied that the puppy is as represented by the breeder, allow the buyer an appropriate time to return the puppy (at the buyer’s expense) for a full refund of the purchase price.
    5. Supply the Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Breeders and Owners of Clumber Spaniels to each buyer and explain their provisions.