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  1. The intention of owning a Clumber Spaniel must be in the best interest of the individual dog and the breed.   It is strongly recommended all prospective owners interact with Clumber Spaniels in a home environment prior to the purchase.
  2. It is important to stress the Clumber Spaniel thrives as a member of the family and should never be relegated to a living situation having minimal human companionship regardless of other venues in which the dog may participate or compete.
  3. Prospective owners shall ensure that their Clumber Spaniel(s) will be properly fed, housed and their veterinary needs will be met promptly. Routine veterinary care should be discussed with prospective breeders and should include annual wellness exams, recommended vaccinations, and any pertinent health testing such as eye exams, hip and elbow x-rays, thyroid screening and PDP1 testing. Where available genetic testing for inherited diseases should be done.
  4. The prospective owner should be in contact with the breeder and feel comfortable doing so. The breeder must accept responsibility for the dog throughout its lifetime.  In the event the new owner is unable to keep the dog, a “right of refusal” should be in place and a written understanding between the buyer and the breeder established.
  5. The breeder will screen all prospective buyers to determine their suitability and their motive in acquiring a Clumber Spaniel.  A breeder shall never engage in wholesaling to pet shops, catalogue houses or other commercial establishments, or own, work for, endorse, or have any involvement with any persons associated with any commercial breeding enterprise, unless for rescue purposes with consent of CSCA. Clumber Spaniels shall not be donated or given as prizes in contests, raffles, or fund-raising events, regardless of how charitable.
  6. Breeders should accept responsibility for all puppies produced.  Breeders should be available to buyers for whatever reasonable aid and assistance they may need and be willing to seek assistance from other knowledgeable members if needed. Such assistance shall be given willingly for the betterment of the breed.  The breeder shall stress with the new owners that they need to be advised of any problems, health or otherwise, and be available to take the dog back and/or rehome if necessary.
  7. If identified as the breeder of a Clumber Spaniel in Rescue and Placement, the breeder will assist the Rescue and Placement Chairperson in the placement of said Clumber Spaniel.
  8. Any Clumber Spaniel sold under the designation “pet/companion quality” should be sold either without registration papers and with mandatory spay/neuter provisions, or with a Limited Registration as provided by AKC and mandatory spay/neuter provisions.  A breeder can supply registration papers upon proof of sterilization or upon reassessment of the dog as being show  quality. If the Clumber Spaniel is neutered when sold, the breeder should transfer the registration papers. 
  9. It is the ethical obligation of breeders to guarantee that puppies produced and sold by them are as represented.  It is recommended that a replacement or refund policy that is in the best interest of both parties be memorialized and signed.  It is further recommended that breeders agree to assist buyers in whatever way possible with congenital, genetic or preexisting conditions that the dog may develop.