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Guidelines for Bitch Owners

  1. Any breeder of Clumber Spaniels takes on the responsibility for the future of the breed. A breeder should plan each litter with the intention of achieving the highest level of physical and temperamental soundness.
  2. It is recommended that x-rays for hips and elbows, examination by certified ophthalmologist, and any other pertinent genetic testing be completed on the dam. The bitch owner should request results of these evaluations for the prospective sire. While dogs do not have to pass these tests to be used for breeding, it is the obligation of the breeder to honestly inform those involved.
  3. If the bitch has not previously been bred, has not produced a live litter, or has had breeding problems in the past, such information should be provided to the stud owner before the breeding takes place.
  4. Recognizing the extended growth pattern of the breed, it is recommended a bitch should not be bred before her second season and approximately two years of age, nor be bred more frequently than two out of three consecutive seasons (that produce puppies). Before any breeding takes place, a veterinarian should be consulted regarding the health of the bitch. Breeders should limit the number of litters to 3 or 4 per bitch. Number of puppies per litter and number of C-sections and surgical inseminations, and the bitch’s age should be taken into account when deciding how many times to breed a bitch.
  5. The breeder should be prepared, financially and otherwise, to provide proper care for both the bitch and her litter, and to retain the puppies for as long as necessary to ensure their placement in suitable homes. It is recommended that the breeder keep all puppies up to the age of twelve weeks. It is recommended that each puppy be microchipped or tattooed and registered with the American Kennel Club (or appropriate foreign registry) before leaving the breeder.
  6. Owners of the stud dog and bitch should sign a written agreement clearly stating the conditions and terms of service. This contract should cover such things as return services or refund, how many puppies constitute a litter, kennel name assigned to the resulting litter, etc.