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Prospective buyers are encouraged to learn about Clumber Spaniels by reading the Puppy Buyer's Guide, the CSCA Information Booklet and other information on this website, and to otherwise educate themselves before purchasing a Clumber Spaniel.

All Breeders listed are members in good standing of the CSCA, Inc. and have agreed to be follow the CSCA Code of Ethics and have satisfied other criteria set forth in Policies for Membership on the CSCA Breeder Referral List. However, the CSCA, Inc. has not and cannot inspect and/or monitor the breeding or business practices of the breeders included on this list.

The CSCA, Inc. does not endorse, recommend or guarantee any individual breeder whose name appears on this list and disclaims any liability or obligation for the health, temperament or any other aspects of Clumber Spaniels purchased through breeders identified by use of this list.

It is the responsibility of each prospective Buyer when contacting Breeders to verify pertinent information as well as to assess the advisability of entering into a contract with a particular Breeder.

The CSCA Breeder Referral List cannot be reproduced without the written permission of the CSCA, Inc.

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