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  • Clumbers are the largest of the spaniel breeds:  males range in height from 18-20 inches at the shoulder and weigh from 70-85 pounds.  Females range from 17-19 inches tall and weigh between 55-70 pounds.
  • They were first shown in England in 1859.
  • The Clumber Spaniel was one of the first nine original AKC breeds, first recorded in 1878.
  • The Clumber is believed to be one of the earliest spaniels developed for special uses and is especially useful for his adaptability for hunting in heavy cover.  He is primarily an upland bird hunter, rather slow (in comparison to say, a Springer), but thorough, with a distinctive “rolling gait”.
  • Some Clumbers rush to meet everyone who comes into the house, but many are aloof with strangers; not shy, but reserved and dignified. They are good watchdogs when true danger is present, but generally do not bark at everything.