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  • Once you are a Clumber owner, you will likely stay a Clumber owner.  Few breeds return the same amount of loyalty a Clumber gives his people.  His “jingle bell” personality and perceptive intelligence make him a much-loved member of the family
  • The Clumber is usually excellent with children.  They love their families and are always ready for some fun and games.
  • Clumbers thrive on attention.  This is not a dog to be kept outside, away from people.  Most Clumbers love to fetch, so they are not difficult to exercise or keep amused.  They also like to carry things in their mouths, and will pick up something off the floor to greet you with.  They will often form a U with their body, wagging their entire back end in a sort of Clumber happy dance.
  • Although regular walks and exercise are good for your Clumber Spaniels, this is not a breed that needs large amounts of exercise. Clumbers are happy to sit on the couch, or go for a walk- they are ready to do what you want to do!  Of course, obedience training makes any dog a better, well-mannered companion.  No breed is automatically a “good dog:, especially as a puppy.
  • There is not an overwhelming amount of grooming to do on a Clumber.  Daily eye cleaning keeps the eyes cleaned and free from staining.  Weekly- a thorough brushing and ear cleaning should be done to keep your Clumber free from mats and ear infections.  Nails should be trimmed at least every two weeks (more often if you want), and monthly trimming of the bottom of the feet should be done.  Trimming of the top of the feet, the back of the hocks and tail feathering adds to your Clumber’s neat appearance. Trimming under the ears also helps with ear infections. These things are not hard to do for even first time dog owners.