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My husband and I have just recently rescued Amanda. We had lost our lovely Clumber girl Maxcine in January and really were lost without a Clumber member of the family.

Kathy Rehm gave us the privilege of having Maxcine when she was 7 ½ years old. She lived until she was 13. Our previous Clumber was a rescue from California and she was 2 when she joined us. So, we really missed our Clumber buddy. Several Clumber members were on the look out for a Clumber for us, and when one of these told me about the rescues mentioned in the Clumber publication, I called Sue Carr right away. She was wonderful in getting me in touch with Donna Starr who then had me talk with Amanda's owner. After several phone calls, she decided we would be a good home for Amanda and Amanda flew to Wisconsin from California.

I cannot begin to tell you what a joy she is to have around our home. She is an "only child" so she has all her toys to herself which is fine with her. Amanda has adjusted to her new home better than I could ever have hoped for. After 1 day, she slept through the night without crying, has never had an accident in the house, eats very well and generally enjoys her new surroundings. We both work so she is home during the day by herself. She enjoys herself by watching TV, listening to the radio and sleeping on the sofa. It is interesting that she only goes on this one sofa and only when we are not home. She adores my husband and when he sits on the floor to watch TV, she snuggles up right next to him and sleeps. I am a Library Director and we have a program where children can read to dogs and when I took Amanda, I think she thought she was in heaven. She loves children and they loved her-lots of hugs, kisses, wiggles. I also go to a senior residence once a month and Amanda goes with me and has made friends with all the people. Last month I had to go right from work, so I was not able to take Amanda and boy was she missed! She loves her yard, our prairie in the back, the neighbors and everyone she meets. She is such a love sponge. I am so thankful that Sue and Donna were able to help us get Amanda. I cannot imagine our lives without her.