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I have 2 clumbers of my own and over the past 10 years have been blessed to have taken in several rescues. At the moment we have 6 clumbers (4 are rescues) and our house is filled with woo-woos and fluff toys. There is no greater delight than to come home from work or a short trip to the grocery store and be greeted with the woo-woo chorus. Tail wagging starts at the shoulder blades as all clumber lovers know.

Most recently we've taken in Arnie, a 5 year old male, and Saki a 2 year old female. They came because their owner could no longer care for them as she was recently widowed. These dogs didn't come with "issues" as some of the others had. Their introduction and integration into our family was easy and they made themselves at home very quickly. Perhaps its because they "know" they are with other clumbers, or perhaps its because they just follow the white marshmallow butt in front. But they learned quickly which way was out, what times meals are served and most importantly, which counter the biscuit jar is on. We now have a head count, ala "kindergarten teacher" when they come in or go out. They try counter surfing, use up all the available seating in the den, and provide non-stop entertainment when they are awake!

We have a substantial fenced yard for them and all enjoy chipmunk watch and love being on squirrel patrol. The other day they were outside watching the raindrops fall. What a life. And what a life lesson for us. There are those that say 6 is too many. To that we answer you've never heard such a beautiful woo-woo chorus! I am very glad we honored the former owners request and didn't separate these two. They are great fun and a great addition to our family.

The best part of rescue clumbers, and all clumbers, is the comedy routine they provide, their unconditional love, and what seems to be their gratitude for the warmth and love we provide. We always seem to get so much more.

For our part we are very grateful to rescue for ther important and wonderful work, for trusting us with these fur coated angels and to the owners who did the right thing and called rescue no matter what their circumstances.