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Welcome to the CLumber CLoset

The newest CLumber CLoset Offering: Potterfield Memorial Fund

This fund was established by the friends of Phyllis Potterfield to endow CSCA Public Education by honoring Phyllis' fine work and to enhance the fund in ways she had hoped to accomplish in the future. [Read More]

The CLumber CLoset: The Best in Clumber Merchandise

The merchandise in the CLumber CLoset was designed and produced especially for The Clumber Spaniel Club of America. We are also happy to accept payment for other non-merchandise transactions via the "Miscellaneous Tab" throughout the year. Members may also renew memberships by first logging into Members Only. Thank you for visiting.

The Tidy Bib is found in the In The Kitchen category.

Clumber Ribbon Harness can be found in the ribbon category and the leashes category